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How much does it cost?

  • Each entry into one (1) of the 2021 InterCorp Tour Qualifying Tournaments is $200.00 per person (or $400.00 per team)

  • Players can enter as many qualifier events as they choose, however, each player can only qualify for the Tour Championship once, and must maintain the same qualifying team for the final Tour Championship event. 

  • Players may elect to change partners and re-enter another event (with payment) if they fail to qualify for the Tour Championship from a previous qualifying event. 

  • Teams advancing into Stage 2 are not required to pay any additional fees for entry, accommodation or functions - Yes, it is all included in the initial cost of qualifying.


All participants of Qualifying Events for the InterCorp Golf Tour will receive:

  • ​Chance to win cash prizes at each qualifier event selected (1st Place: $500, 2nd Place: $300, 3rd Place: $200)

  • Chance to advance to 2-day Tour Championship Event at Forest Dunes Golf Club
    (Top 3 teams from each of the five (5) qualifying event will advance to Tour Championship Tournament)

  • Premium Gift Bag 

  • At least 18-holes of golf at a premier qualifying event of their choice

  • Skins "buy-in" at course will be available

  • On-Course food and beverages during qualifying event selected

  • Cocktail reception and drink vouchers at conclusion of play

  • A fun-filled, competitive day of golf, played under tournament conditions

  • Additional prizes, gifts or refreshments provided by supporting sponsors 

 Teams advancing to the 2021 Tour Championship (Stage 2) will receive:


  • Opportunity to compete for other on-course prizes and cash giveaways

  • Two (2) 18-Hole Rounds at Forest Dunes Golf Club (Dunes Course and Loop Red Course)

  • Accommodation (1-night) at Forest Dunes Golf Club for Tour Championship

  • On-Course Food and Beverage (Alcohol included) Package during play

  • Entry into the 2021 IGT Welcome Party at Forest Dunes Golf Club

  • Entry into the 2021 IGT Gala Luncheon at conclusion of final day's play.

  • Official InterCorp Tour Golf Polo Shirt 

  • 2021 InterCorp Tour Event Merchandise Discounts