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​How much does it cost?

Entry into the 2021 InterCorp Golf Tour shall be solely through one (1) of the Qualifying Rounds offered. Each entry fee for qualifying rounds shall be $200.00 per person, or $400.00 per team (2-Person Team). 


Players may elect to enter more than one (1) Qualifying Event should they be unsuccessful in advancing through to the 2021 Tour Championship through a previous location. Additional registration and entry fee is required for the subsequent qualifying round(s).  

​How do I register for the qualifying rounds? 

You may enter certain events online through the "2021 Events" section of this website. Once you have identified which qualifying location your team will attend, click on the corresponding "Register for this Event" button, enter your team qualification details, make your payment online and you’re done!

* Registration will be confirmed once full payment has been received by InterCorp Tour on a first-come, first-serve basis.

​How do I find an InterCorp Golf Tour Qualifier? 

Use the 2021 Event search function on this website (CLICK HERE) to see the full listing of 2021 InterCorp Golf Tour Qualifier Events.

​How do I host an InterCorp Golf Tour Event?

Contact the InterCorp Golf Tour at to receive information on how to host an InterCorp Golf Tour Event at your

local club. 

Do I need a handicap?

The 2021 InterCorp Golf Tour does not require a handicap to participate in the event(s). 

Is there an age restriction?

There are no age restrictions for participants, however, players must be at least 18 years of age prior to the commencement of play at any 2021 InterCorp Golf Tour event to receive cash prizes.

Will skins be offered at the events?

There will be a team skins competition available to participants and payable on the day of the qualifying event.

What Tee Box will players play from? How will the courses be setup?

Placement of tee markers will be determined by the InterCorp Golf Tour Management Team in coordination with the local course of play on the day of event, and prior to the start of each tournament round. The team will select locations for tee markers based on our intention to make the InterCorp Golf Tour an enjoyable, yet challenging environment for golfers of all skill level. 

Each course will be setup between 6600 - 6900 yds for qualifying events, with the intention to provide a challenging and enjoyable round for golfers, encouraging creative shotmaking strategies and thoughtful decision-making selections. 

Will there be provisions made for Senior / Women Golfers?

Qualifying events and the Tour Championship event will have modified tee markers for Senior and Women golfers. However, these placements are at the sole discretion of the InterCorp Golf Tour Management Team and subject to local rule applications provided by  individual host club.

Is the three (3) tee shot rule in effect?

Yes. Each team member’s tee shot must be used at least three (3) times per eighteen (18) hole round and marked accordingly on the scorecard to be signed by both groups within the foursome at the completion of the round. You do not have to determine these shots prior to commencement of play, but be aware that should you complete the round without all players having hit three tee shots, your team will be disqualified.

What if my qualifying partner is unable to attend the Tour Championship Event?

Registered teams are to remain intact throughout the qualifying and tour championship periods. No players or teams may be substituted (modified) at any time throughout the Qualifying or Tour Championship Events for any reason.


If a player is unable to attend the Tour Championship after qualifying, the team will be disqualified, and the fourth-placed qualifying team at the local event they qualified through will be invited to replace the disqualified team.


No refunds will be provided to the disqualified team.